Mar 26, 2010

Nokia Music becomes OVI Music, DRM free(Almost) !!! in India

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Nokia India quietly(may be they are still testing, making sure things work) rebranded Nokia Music to OVI Music. Cj noted this first in early morning and posted on Twitter. Seems like they like to do things quietly or People in blogosphere always find anything before Nokia can formally announce/release. I had posted review of Nokia Music earlier in Diwali when they were offering 200 tracks free.
I decided to try and headed over to OVI Music India site and found that rebranded, revamped interface. Following is screenshot.

Mar 21, 2010

Nokia India - Free Extended Warranty Offer

Hey, do you remember , good ol days, may be 5-6 years back? Nokia back then used to give 2 years warranty.
They used to give 1 year extended warranty over standard 1 year , making it 2 years in total !!!
Now Nokia India quietly announced free 1 year extended warranty offer to all new E-series , N-series phones.
But hurry as this offer only limited for 1 month only, 13 March - 13 April 2010
Also I am not sure which are exactly, all "new" E-series and N-series phones?
There is no mention of any specific Models. So looks like all E, N-series phones.
I just found this as I was checking out E63 product promotion on Nokia India website.
Offer is only available at Nokia Priority Dealer shops. May be Nokia Stores also.
What they are doing is basically giving existing Nokia Care Product service worth Rs.1414 free.
It seems that terms of extended warranty is exactly same as standard warranty, but I have not read fine print.
Hard to believe, but it's true. I wonder why Nokia is not shouting about it.

Check following link for details.
Nokia India - Free Extended Warranty Offer