Apr 8, 2010

Nokia BH-905 – Premium Headphone

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As mentioned in my earlier post-N97 mini review , I got Nokia BH-905 headphones for trial from good folks at WOMWorld.Well I haven’t got enough time to play around it as i would have liked.
But whatever little time I spent, I was really surprised at quality of sound and comfort these headphones offered. So here is my short review for this great accessory.
I am not sure if Nokia has any flagship for their accessories just like their phones. If they have, then it has to be BH-905, just check this microsite or this link and you will know why. I don’t know how many accessories have their own microsites. But this is simply superb. BH-905 comes with its unique oval shaped case, specially made for this special product. This case is made up of black leather and feels like designer bag. This is case contains following items :
  • BH-905 Headphone
  • Audio cable with 3.5mm jack
  • Extension Cable
  • Adapter 2.5mm jack
  • Adapter 6.3mm
  • In-Flight Adapter
  • Charger with std. Nokia small pin.
  • Leather strap which can be used to attach with leather case.
All these items are fitted very well in case, Headphones have very well designed holding place.
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N97 mini – Review

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It’s almost 2 weeks now since I got first trial device N97 mini from WOMWorld. In fact I was really surprised to also receive BH-905, cutting edge technology audio product by Nokia.
I have been sceptical about touch screens in general. Having played around with WM phones and Nokia 5800, I wasn’t really sure if touch screens are for me.I always felt having hardware keys is key for doing certain things much faster, may not be much fancier. There have been already much debate about this and you can can look at AAS article by David Gilson.
N97 or N97 mini are kind of hybrid devices which have nice angular sliding QWERTY keypad. I thought there are exactly phones for user who has been long term non touch user, like me. Here is my review :)
N97 mini box is really small(mini ?) compared to my N82, it’s nice packaging. It came with just one headset.Charger and Data cable was also missing from my package. Not a big deal as I have both already with me.Regular retail package has much better headset and Data cable, charger in.
Build and Feel : N97 mini is definitely well built phone with nice metal back and really good size. I liked the colour “Cherry Black” , welcome change from all black phones I used till now. Phone feels perfect in hand. Only complain is metal elements are finger print magnets. Slider mechanism is also very good with great snap sound. Overall very good build for NSeries phone. I liked LED light which is along side Micro-USB port. “Designed in Finland” is seen on back hinge.

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Apr 6, 2010

Nokia Maps to OVI Maps – My story

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I always wanted to write about my experience about GPS in mobile since I got my Nokia N82. That was my first GPS device and now after so much time I think any of my future device must have GPS. But today I am trying to put in my experience about OVI Maps(Nokia Maps when I first got it) of all 2 years. Well there is added incentive !!! Nokia has announced contest where you can win latest, coolest phones with GPS + OVI Maps Free lifetime navigation. More details can be found here on OVI blog. These phones (N97 mini, X6, E72) come with complete navigation package i.e. Car Holder, Car charger.
Well now my story…
When I bought my Nokia N82 in April 2008, it was best mobile available along with N95 packed with all features. I still think that Nokia didn’t release any real successor to this phone and hence I am still with N82, its going well. When I bought it , Nokia maps 1.0 was built-in, It had lesser features compared to OVI maps today. But I got 3 months , Walk n Drive license free !!! Yes, just before Nokia announced Free Navigation, Other Features, Everything was paid.
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Apr 5, 2010

Nokia India starts showing Mobile prices

I just noted today that Nokia India website is now showing prices of some mobiles. They were displaying this information earlier only for basic model Nokia 1203. You can also sort phones by price.
This seems very good initiative in wake of VAT increases by different States across India. There was little confusion among users, dealers about exact prices due to variable taxes. It is also reported that Nokia is working on to bring prices to same level across India. I am not sure how they are going to do this :)

Also I noted that prices seem very high, may be Maximum Retail Price, as you can see below N97 mini is listed as Rs. 26,489 but you can get same for Rs.22000-23000 in Delhi.(At least when I last checked).
Still not all products have pricing details here, but they may be in process of updating.
Do you find this move useful? Let me know via comments.