Apr 5, 2010

Nokia India starts showing Mobile prices

I just noted today that Nokia India website is now showing prices of some mobiles. They were displaying this information earlier only for basic model Nokia 1203. You can also sort phones by price.
This seems very good initiative in wake of VAT increases by different States across India. There was little confusion among users, dealers about exact prices due to variable taxes. It is also reported that Nokia is working on to bring prices to same level across India. I am not sure how they are going to do this :)

Also I noted that prices seem very high, may be Maximum Retail Price, as you can see below N97 mini is listed as Rs. 26,489 but you can get same for Rs.22000-23000 in Delhi.(At least when I last checked).
Still not all products have pricing details here, but they may be in process of updating.
Do you find this move useful? Let me know via comments.

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