Jan 29, 2010

Nokia 5233 – new kid on the block

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Nokia India surprised many by launching 5233 which is essentially 5230 without 3G and GPS.
I came to know about this on Tuesday, 26th Jan, India’s Republic day. I had suggested one of my friend to buy 5230 which was(???) great value for money at INR. 8100. But when he visited retail shop for buying 5230, sales persons told him that 5230 has been discontinued and being replaced by 5233. I was really surprised to hear that and tried checking with online community of bloggers, techies. Fonearena also said that they are hearing similar things. Though many of my friends were saying similar few others like ZOMGitsCJ said that 5230 is still in market and will sell along with 5233. I still not sure what Nokia’s plan with 5230 and 5233. Many shops are not selling 5230 and offering 5233. so mystery continues for me !!!

Jan 27, 2010

My impressions of Nokia N900-Is it The Ultimate device?

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I never thought in my wildest dreams that I could get my hands on N900 so soon. But past few days things changed so fast and it happened. Thanks for Mr. Arjun
So I got to use dream device for 2 days and i really had great time. Following is my quick review/first look of the device. I keep calling it “device” as its mini computer then phone. Check out following for unboxing and other pics,screenshots of N900, its huge collection !!! so take out time to watch it all.
When I first opened box and took it in hand , I felt it bit bigger, heavier than my N82.But overall it fits well in hand and has solid feel.Build quality also seems good, not same as Eseries.First few hours I used it without SIM and only on wifi on Airport. It picked up wifi easily.I was able to update it to latest OS on Wifi itself.
Since I have not used touch phones extensively I had issues with interface but within couple of hours i was at home. i liked the way N900 handles Contacts and Conversations. Basically it ties all contacts from you phone, chat services, SIP account tougether and shows up presence information of contacts.With
conversations also it has all sms, call, chat etc. tied up together.
Screenshot-20100125-152633 Screenshot-20100125-154010
Screenshot-20100125-163514  Screenshot-20100125-164613