Jan 29, 2010

Nokia 5233 – new kid on the block

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Nokia India surprised many by launching 5233 which is essentially 5230 without 3G and GPS.
I came to know about this on Tuesday, 26th Jan, India’s Republic day. I had suggested one of my friend to buy 5230 which was(???) great value for money at INR. 8100. But when he visited retail shop for buying 5230, sales persons told him that 5230 has been discontinued and being replaced by 5233. I was really surprised to hear that and tried checking with online community of bloggers, techies. Fonearena also said that they are hearing similar things. Though many of my friends were saying similar few others like ZOMGitsCJ said that 5230 is still in market and will sell along with 5233. I still not sure what Nokia’s plan with 5230 and 5233. Many shops are not selling 5230 and offering 5233. so mystery continues for me !!!

Nokia India does not even have 5233 in their webpage, only place where you can find it is under support & software area. 5230 remains on frontpage and everywhere. So I hope that they will continue to sell it here.
My friend had to settle for 5233 finally, I will try to get my hands on and post updates here.
Well if Nokia is not going to sell 5230 then it will be very bad news as 5233 is stripped down version of 5230 and misses 2 very good features like 3G and GPS. Also they had done very big campaign around 5230 in Delhi by posting huge posters in Metro stations, malls. It was only device which had inbuilt GPS at such low price, also also full featured smartphone with symbian S60 5th edition OS. If you still want 5230 that too free, you can still take part in contest run by Samrat, just head over to his webpage and participate by following this link.
Let me know if anyone of you buys 5233 or 5230 and your experience about it.


  1. hey, i can not understand this language, can you please write in English?

  2. Hey DO NOT EVER try to spam my blog here !!!

  3. Hey i have got Nokia 5233.
    Its really awesome mobile.
    Great product by Nokia.

  4. Yes its good value for the price, now below 7k.
    But I always suggest people to spend 1000 more and get 5230.It has GPS and 3G.

  5. Yup i ve 5230...No software prob yet :P I don y Nokia stopped(don noe exactly) ths handset..Browsing, GPS, BSNL 3G is amazing..Infact, lovin it :) The salesperson asked me to get into 5230 bcoz its 3g..So ne 1 whoz buying tes, better u go to 5230..5233 costs u around rs.6800 n 5233 Rs 7.7k....Just a 1100 difference..Wen ur buying it buy de best 1.. :)

  6. @Sushanth, Thanks for comments, Yes I always suggested my friends to buy 5230 even though it was very rare to find.Only 2 of my friends got 5233 and 6 got 5230. For only 1000 more you get killer features like 3G and GPS. It's best value for money below 10k bracket.