Dec 24, 2009

Nokia finally released 5230, 5530XM in India

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Nokia released its additions to touch series phones in India , finally. I was really wondering with recent delays, strange decisions with release of new phones by Nokia. As pointed out in my earlier blog post Nokia has been very selective about phones which they release. Actually this in my opinion is not good for both Nokia and users. Having freedom of choice is good.
But now they have released at least much awaited 5530XM and 5230 India. Very important thing is pricing of 5230 which will be available at Rs. 9389 . Which means market price can will be about Rs. 9000. I guess it will be cheapest phone which support GPS+3G. Also don’t forget its full fledged Symbian S60 5th edition smartphone !!! It lacks WiFi and Front Video Camera. Also it has 2 MP camera onboard. Nokia has decided to taken on Samsung, LG who were ruling low end touch screen market with their Star/Corby and Cookie. Major difference with 5230 and these models is 5230 is smartphone whose capabilities can be enhanced by various apps.

Free 200 Music Tracks from Nokia Music Store India

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Few days back I noticed that Nokia Music Store, India has started festival season offer.       You can download 200 free music tracks from Nokia Music store-India. I checked this on     OVI Player application on my laptop and found that they tracks are classified into 4 categories.  Bollywood, South, Devotional, More(Non Film music, Other).

PennyTel Xmas offer – Free calls worth 10 million minutes !!!

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Today my good friend Arjun Parsi(@arjunpar) told me about Xmas offer of voip service called PennyTel. I was surprised to know that they are offering 10 million minutes of free calls to USA, UK, Canada, Australia,India, China.
This is a strictly limited offer, from the 18th of December to the 2nd of January, or when all the free minutes have been used (whichever comes first), and is exclusive to members only.
I have earlier tried such limited period promotional offers from Skype but they never had India as country option for Skypeout calls. So I was really overjoyed to try this offer from PennyTel.
Also since I own Nokia N82, which supports SIP and Internet calls, I was able to configure it.
Here are steps.
1) Visit and put your email id to join.

Nov 23, 2009

OVI Files is now Windows 7 compatible, also Booklet 3G

OVI blog today announced that OVI Files is now compatible with Windows 7 & Booklet 3G, Nokia's entry in netbook market. This follows update to OVI Player,PC suite which were made Windows 7 compatible.

Nokia Point & Find updated and now available globally

Today, Nokia Point & Find team updated Nokia Point & Find client, It's basically software/service which uses mobile camera, sensors to provide you information about places, barcodes, movies. The announcement came on Nokia Beta Labs blog.

Pre-order for Nokia N97 Mini , E72 starts in India

Today, Nokia India started to take pre-orders for Nokia N97 Mini and E72. Both devices were can be pre-ordered from Nokia India website,

Price for N97 Mini is not disclosed, but may be around INR. 29000 and E72 it's INR. 22989.

For N97 Mini  head over to
First 1000 customers each will get 100 songs from Nokia Music Store.

For E72, you can visit this link  for Pre-order ,
It comes with Lifetime Nokia Messaging license with IM , first device to have built-in.

Let me know if anyone of you have Pre-ordered any of these.

How to Sync Contacts,Calendar from to your Evolution in Ubuntu.

If you have been using Smartphones, you may be aware concept of PIM Synchronization. It basically keeps in sync different data sets on different system/platforms. Thus you can get same contacts, calendar, notes, to-dos everywhere across devices, systems,internet.
This looks good on paper but actual implementation is far from perfect. I use Nokia N82 which I sync with Outlook on my laptop, with, cloud service by Nokia which allows you to store your PIM data like Contacts, Calendar, Notes, To-dos.But I always wondered about missing link- Syncing your PC/Mac directly with cloud. I searched around internet and couldn’t find any reasonable solution. At last I found software called syncEvolution which is available to Linux. This fills missing gap. syncEvolution is Open source project, done as part of Moblin – Initiative by Intel for developing Linux on Netbooks, MID(Mobile Internet Devices).
Below is current Sync scenario with Nokia devices/OVI/PC&Mac.        I have tried to cover overall current scenario in this slide.

Nov 22, 2009

Does going Mobile Prepaid(PAYG) make sense now?

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Ever since Tata Docomo (Do the new) has entered already crowded India cellular space Mobile tariff war has begun. This seems to me like when Reliance entered the scene way back in 2003 with tag line “Kar lo Duniya Mutthi Mein”.
It was much needed boost to competition and further add new users to mobile revolution.

Nov 20, 2009

Nokia E52, 6720 Classic, 5530XM available

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Last week , while I was in market, I found that M-club, retail mobile store in Delhi NCR had few new phones in store.
They were listed as “exclusive” @M-club. I saw that they have E52, 6720 Classic, 5530XM. All 3 phones are not yet available in India via official Nokia channel. Hence I asked sales person about this.
He said that these were imported and were available with International warranty so that you could get support/service in Nokia Care in India.
I checked in 2 stores of M-club in Dwarka and noted that price was varying. They refused to give me price in writing. But here are prices which was told to me.
images (3)
E52, Grey Colour – INR. 18400 with 4GB Memory card

Why Nokia is not releasing new phones in India?

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Sometimes you see few things around which really don’t make sense and are hard to find any reason about them. last few days, I am wondering “Why Nokia is not releasing their all products to India?”. Nokia is number 1 in India since long time and has been also way ahead of any competition. It’s also recognized as Most trusted brand in India for 2 years in row. But it seems that they are taking this position granted now and forgot to add new products which are already available in world over since last few months.
images  images (1)images (2)

Nokia E63 Black, Best Value for Money

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I bought Nokia E63 Black for my friend who is in Mumbai. As you may be knowing that Maharashtra has 8% more VAT than other states on mobile, may be on other electronics items also. So It does make difference of Rs. 600-800 difference to price of mobiles @10k
E63 is fantastic device for its price, 10.8K. Its cheaper version of E71 sans Metal body, GPS, 2 MP cam Vs 3.2 MP.

Nov 15, 2009

Finally I used 3G !!! Jadoo literally

Thanks to Nokia Priority Dealer, here in Dwarka, I was finally able to get 3G MTNL SIM card and use it.
Otherwise I always thought that Dwarka  does not have 3G coverage, even though MTNL has launched 3G in Delhi in Feb 2009. NPD salesperson showed me in his N97 that MTNL 3G works well and Data speeds were amazing.

Oct 4, 2009

Hello World - My first blog

Hi All,

It's my first blog post, still newbie to world of blogging.So I am saying "Hello World".
I am Suyog,(That's why blog is "MobileYOG"). I am Chemical Engineer by Profession and my hobbies are all about gadgets(especially mobiles) and also reading, traveling, sports(*cricket*).