Nov 22, 2009

Does going Mobile Prepaid(PAYG) make sense now?

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Ever since Tata Docomo (Do the new) has entered already crowded India cellular space Mobile tariff war has begun. This seems to me like when Reliance entered the scene way back in 2003 with tag line “Kar lo Duniya Mutthi Mein”.
It was much needed boost to competition and further add new users to mobile revolution.
 Most important thing which I think it has done is getting pulse down to 1 second. Means if you talk for 30 secs , you pay 30 paise. This is very good , especially in case of call drops :-) Almost all operators now have got per second billing.Good News !!!
I have been postpaid user of Airtel for long time, with EDGE/GPRS unlimited@499/month. Call rates were at Rs.1/min STD,Rs. 0.5 local
Last month , I did few calculations and found out that migrating to prepaid plan with per second billing can save almost 50-60% of my mobile bills. That’s huge saving, in recession time. Here are factors which I considered.
  1. 1paisa/1sec for local and 1.2paisa/1sec for STD this against my 50paisa/60sec and 100paisa/60sec STD. Here even though local calls will be slightly cheaper in postpaid, STD is what I use most. Hence I will be I will be saving more than 30% on STD calls.    Don’t forget that in postpaid if i my call is 30 sec, I get charged for 100paisa.
  2. I was having Rs.499/month Unlimited Data plan, When I analysed my previous bills , I noticed that I hardly used more than 200 MB/month. Also since now I have got Reliance Netconnect modem, I don’t use mobile phone as modem. Hence by migrating to Rs.95/month@100MB data was logical.
  3. In Prepaid, I don’t have to pay Rental(Rs.249 for getting per second billing). So I save Rs.249 which I use for more talktime.
So overall I thought I could cut down almost 50-60% of my bill. Note that on Tata Docomo site, they have savings calculator which tells you how much you can save by changing to per second billing. That is also great tool to have online check.
Major issue was “whether I will be able to retain same number?” Answer to this for Airtel is Yes. I called up Airtel helpline and asked for procedure. They informed me to visit nearest Airtel Gallery with all required identity and Address proof.
Next Day I visited local Airtel Gallery and filled form for conversion from Postpaid to Prepaid. I paid all my bill and got new SIM card. Yes they provide new SIM for prepaid, one with Postpaid doesn't work.
I saw many people were converting from Prepaid to Postpaid there.
After 2 days my Prepaid SIM got activated and Postpaid SIM died. :)
I quickly activated per second billing by recharging Rs. 78 which is valid for 1 Year. Also I activated GPRS with Rs.95/month plant which gives 100MB Data usage. over that limit 30paisa/50kB is charged.
I had very quick and hassle-free migration and started saving already. I had recharged Rs. 333 and 225 and still have Rs. 100 balance after almost 20 days. That's great as earlier I used to pay average Rs. 2500/month bill with almost Rs. 1000 in rental+GPRS+tax
I am really happy with transition. :-)
I am sure many of you have also made similar transition or may be thinking of same. Either way share your experience/Ask questions via comments. Long live Indian Telecom Revolution :-)

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