Nov 23, 2009

OVI Files is now Windows 7 compatible, also Booklet 3G

OVI blog today announced that OVI Files is now compatible with Windows 7 & Booklet 3G, Nokia's entry in netbook market. This follows update to OVI Player,PC suite which were made Windows 7 compatible.

Check  this link for more details

Link to download updated connector is very hard to find and I found it after clicking Add new computer.

OVI Files is part of Nokia's OVI umbrella services. There is online Data storage in cloud which is available from your mobile or PC, Mac.It is called "Anytime Files".Nokia offers upto 10 GB space for free.You need to just download OVI Files connector to your PC/Mac and set up online files with your OVI user id.

This way you can always store upto 10GB data on OVI Files cloud and also access files from your PC/Mac if it is running OVI connector and connected to internet. It'r very useful service in OVI.

Have you ever tried it? drop in comments about your experience.

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