Dec 24, 2009

PennyTel Xmas offer – Free calls worth 10 million minutes !!!

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Today my good friend Arjun Parsi(@arjunpar) told me about Xmas offer of voip service called PennyTel. I was surprised to know that they are offering 10 million minutes of free calls to USA, UK, Canada, Australia,India, China.
This is a strictly limited offer, from the 18th of December to the 2nd of January, or when all the free minutes have been used (whichever comes first), and is exclusive to members only.
I have earlier tried such limited period promotional offers from Skype but they never had India as country option for Skypeout calls. So I was really overjoyed to try this offer from PennyTel.
Also since I own Nokia N82, which supports SIP and Internet calls, I was able to configure it.
Here are steps.
1) Visit and put your email id to join.

2) You will receive 3 emails from PennyTel. One email will have your username/pwd.
3) Now follow instructions given at to create SIP profile and then define Internet Telephony settings. Even though this is for E65 , you may find similar options in your S60 phone. For 3rd edition FP2 and 5th edition you may need to download please check following links for more information on this.
4) After you complete setup you can use it via either WiFi or 3G. I used it with MTNL 3G.
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I was able to call to USA, UK and India both landline and mobile numbers. Call quality was very good with bit of lag at start of call. On WiFi you will get better call quality. Also I always 3G really drains battery very fast so you need to keep changer ready. My N82 is more than 1.5 year old so that didn’t help either with battery life.
One thing I noticed was that you need to restart phone few times to get all working correctly.
You may also need to set caller id setting to No in Call settings.
I like this setup as I don’t have to install any additional application.All things needed are already available in your S60 phone.
I found that even after expiry of this offer , PennyTel has really low call rates for calls across the world in many countries. Though I have not compared rates with other major VOIP service providers, PennyTel rates definitely looks attractive.
Also you can add PennyTel in your Fring or Nimbuzz but I have not yet tried it myself.
Anyone of you tried this or any other VOIP setup? Please let me know via comments.
Also drop comments if you are facing any issues while configuring this, I will be happy to help.


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  2. Thanks for comments.
    I have written about specific service offer of pennytel, if you have any better service/offer please let me know via comments.

  3. I am living in London (uk) But mostly I use to call India for my personal as well as for business purpose. So can anyone suggest me how to make unlimited calls to India form UK ,It would be help full for me.