Dec 24, 2009

Nokia finally released 5230, 5530XM in India

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Nokia released its additions to touch series phones in India , finally. I was really wondering with recent delays, strange decisions with release of new phones by Nokia. As pointed out in my earlier blog post Nokia has been very selective about phones which they release. Actually this in my opinion is not good for both Nokia and users. Having freedom of choice is good.
But now they have released at least much awaited 5530XM and 5230 India. Very important thing is pricing of 5230 which will be available at Rs. 9389 . Which means market price can will be about Rs. 9000. I guess it will be cheapest phone which support GPS+3G. Also don’t forget its full fledged Symbian S60 5th edition smartphone !!! It lacks WiFi and Front Video Camera. Also it has 2 MP camera onboard. Nokia has decided to taken on Samsung, LG who were ruling low end touch screen market with their Star/Corby and Cookie. Major difference with 5230 and these models is 5230 is smartphone whose capabilities can be enhanced by various apps.

5530XM on other hand seems to be niche product, which is priced at Rs.14029. It has smaller 2.9” screen. Misses 3G and GPS. I doubt if this can do well in market especially when 5800 is available at Rs. 13500.
Both phones are expected to be available in stores after 25th December.
Nokia has also released 5233, which is actually 5230-3G & GPS, it costs only INR. 7.4K My friend has bought one from Mobilestore in Gurgaon in republic day offer with freebies like 4GB microSD card, plastic case and pouch.
If you still want to get 5230 you can head over to Samrat’s page and participate.


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