Jan 3, 2011

Nokia E52 – Champion of battery backup

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Now days when we read about smartphones, it is always about screen resolution,  High end Processor Multiple Mega pixel camera or Apps.

What gets ignored most is battery life. Power plants of these superphones are yet to see any technological breakthrough. What’s use of phone if it runs out of juice in few hours ?

For me Battery life always has been very critical aspect in selection of phone. When I bought Nokia E52  I knew what I wanted. I had Nokia N97 mini,good phone but poor in terms of battery backup. It’s amazing to see that even after 7 months , I am getting almost same battery life.

Jan 1, 2011

Mobiles n more

It's been a while I have posted here. Happy new year 2011 to all of you.

Even though I had many ideas to write about, I am being very very lazy.

So just posting link to my Flickr account  with pictures of N8 from my cousin and all other of my phones.

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I hope to renew my blogging passion in new year.