Jan 3, 2011

Nokia E52 – Champion of battery backup

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Now days when we read about smartphones, it is always about screen resolution,  High end Processor Multiple Mega pixel camera or Apps.

What gets ignored most is battery life. Power plants of these superphones are yet to see any technological breakthrough. What’s use of phone if it runs out of juice in few hours ?

For me Battery life always has been very critical aspect in selection of phone. When I bought Nokia E52  I knew what I wanted. I had Nokia N97 mini,good phone but poor in terms of battery backup. It’s amazing to see that even after 7 months , I am getting almost same battery life.

I just tried to run battery backup test to check this. I didn’t want to use any app for this as I wanted to keep process simple. Here is how I did it.
  1. Drained Battery to complete zero level and it switched off.
  2. Charged it fully again while phone was switched off.
  3. Then I noted down time when Battery was full. I was Sunday , 9 AM.
  4. I set all call timers, Data counters to zero.
So my test started with Nokia Messaging running all the time, syncing 3 email accounts. Since I am using Airtel, there is no question of 3G. I kept Network mode to GSM. Also I use nifty beta tool Nokia Situations by Nokia Betalabs. This helps me to automate profile switching based on Location(GPS) or time. So i guess GPS also runs in background.

I use Nokia Messaging  Email extensively to read and reply to emails on mobile.
So apart from above always on apps/services ,my usage was as follows :
  1. Voice Calls – 2 hours 30 mins (I still think primary function of phone is to make calls Smile with tongue out )
  2. Listening to Music – 40 mins (via Stereo Bluetooth) , 1 hour (via wired headsets)
  3. Gravity for twitter – 2 hours
  4. Internet(Opera Mini & default S60 browser) – 1 hour
  5. Instant Messaging and VOIP (Nimbuzz,Fring) – 30 mins
I was also just playing with phone little bit (some apps here and there) which consumes battery.
With all this setup , phone just went on and on and switched to power saving mode at  around      6 PM on Monday. It was completely drained out at 8:30 PM , almost 36 hours. Smile
I am sure by disabling push email, and keeping on power saver , it can work about 3 days easily

For me this is #win. Amazing performance !!!
I have used E72 for 3 weeks and though it also has same battery, E52 pushes it to 2nd place by very narrow margin.

With all smartphones out there, There are no current phones which have same battery. At least I don’t know if there exists anything like that.
E52 is best smartphone when it comes to battery backup, might BP-4L with 1500 mAh.
I hope that in 2011 , we should have something better !

What you guys think about battery backup in mobiles? How important it is for you? Let me know via comments.


  1. Hi,

    I am looking for exactly the same thing. Long battery life.

    The only difference is that I will be using the phone next to a work blackberry so it will only have to do a few calls every day and a few texts, Nothing else.

    Is there any chance you can repeat your experiment by switching off everything, so 3G, GPS, all apps, Wifi, etc so it really doesn't waste a drop of energy and see how long it lasts?

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  2. It is gonna be very useful to all of us.

  3. Hi, I was also thinking of doing it. My guess is with all data connection switched off and only calls. It can easily last 3-4 days. But that depends on your calls also.
    Tell me , if you want to do only calls then why you need E52? buy any cheap Samsung/Nokia phone.Those will do even better.


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