Nov 20, 2009

Why Nokia is not releasing new phones in India?

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Sometimes you see few things around which really don’t make sense and are hard to find any reason about them. last few days, I am wondering “Why Nokia is not releasing their all products to India?”. Nokia is number 1 in India since long time and has been also way ahead of any competition. It’s also recognized as Most trusted brand in India for 2 years in row. But it seems that they are taking this position granted now and forgot to add new products which are already available in world over since last few months.
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I think after N86,E75, N97 few months ago , they have not added single smartphone here in India. In fact I thought they will launch few in Diwali, festival season in India but they continued with their campaign with 5800, N97 , E63 and such phones which are neither new nor look great when we compare what rest of world is getting. One more thing to note is that they don’t seem to have clue or don’t want to tell. Nokia care helpline don’t know when new phones will be available. Nokia Priority Dealers also don’t know anything. :-(
I have seen in many forums, blogs, tech websites that so many people want to know about new devices and ready to buy those, but Nokia India seems to be sleeping.
Following are many handsets which they have already released in various parts of world. Frustrating thing is that none is available in India as of now and future doesn’t look good too.
E52, E55, E72, N97 mini, 5630XM, 5530XM, 5730XM,6760 slide, N900
6720 classic,6710 Navigator,6730 classic(coming soon)
Out of about phones only few list on Nokia India website       as coming soon-since many days. E72, N97mini etc.
Rest are all low end devices.
I guess that means other phones will never make it to India. This is really bad as it denies freedom of choice to users. May be in long run this can prove to be bad decision as in current age of global world, social networking , we know what people in world are getting and creates very bad impression about brand that so many people love.    Also there is risk of customers turning to other brands. I think Nokia should have introduced 5230 as touch screens around 10K are in great demand and People are going for Samsung, LG for these.
Also if devices are not available then many people buy those from grey market which also is not good anyone. Users don’t get any warranty/service, company doesn’t get any revenue.
I can understand if they don’t release 1-2 phones but here they are doing it for many phones which seems confusing.
It’s as if they are treating India as still low end, high volume market.But I am confident that with such huge population and growth , we have much larger market for high end, smart devices than many European countries.
I hope some wise people at Nokia India will rethink and bring joy to Indian customers.
If you are also feeling same as me, please join and tell me what you think. Who knows someone may take notice :-)


  1. Hmmm Sahi..... Good Info. of Nokia Mobiles.

  2. all u need to know about the N97 mini :-)

  3. just got my n97 Mini.. love the feel.!!!