Nov 20, 2009

Nokia E52, 6720 Classic, 5530XM available

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Last week , while I was in market, I found that M-club, retail mobile store in Delhi NCR had few new phones in store.
They were listed as “exclusive” @M-club. I saw that they have E52, 6720 Classic, 5530XM. All 3 phones are not yet available in India via official Nokia channel. Hence I asked sales person about this.
He said that these were imported and were available with International warranty so that you could get support/service in Nokia Care in India.
I checked in 2 stores of M-club in Dwarka and noted that price was varying. They refused to give me price in writing. But here are prices which was told to me.
images (3)
E52, Grey Colour – INR. 18400 with 4GB Memory card

images (4)
6720 Classic – INR. 14800
images (5)
5530XM – INR. 13800
Please note that all these phones are not officially available in India, hence check all things regarding warranty and then only buy.
Let me know if you are already using any of these phone.

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